[Documentary 2/3] Shaheed Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi - Urdu

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Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi was born in year 1952 in the Illaqa Nawab Sahib in suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan. Then he completed his M.B.B.S from King Edward Medical College and started practice. He got fame as a student leader as he founded the 1st ever platform for Shi'a Students of Pakistan the Imamia Students Organization. He was martyred 0n 7th of March 1995 at Yateem Khana Chowk, Multan Road Lahore. He was a strict follower of Khat-e-Khomeini (Path of Imam Khomeini). In other words, he was a follower of ISLAM-e-NAAB-e-MUHAMMADi (Pure Muhammadi Islam). Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi is a pride of Shiyat. May Allah give us all the strength and patience to become a pride for our religion.

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