Does Divine Guidance Contradict Intellect? | Unplugged | English

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Is intellect sufficient as a guidance for humanity? What is needed in order to truly perfect the guidance that is needed for humanity\'s perfection? Does divine guidance contradict the guidance of the perfect intellect and the guidance of the pure instinct? What is a common error that occurred in the western world, as regards to religion and intellect? Ultimately, what is the purpose of divine guidance as regards to intellect? And finally, what are some practical examples of how the intellect without divine guidance can make colossal errors that are not only detrimental to an individual, but to a whole society as well? Sayyid Haydar Hasanayn answers these questions and more, as he helps us to answer the question, \"Does Divine Guidance Contradict Intellect?\" This series is based on the extraordinary book, Imam Khamenei’s “An Outline of Islamic Thought In the Quran”. #Unplugged #IslamicPulse #Islam #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Faith #Religion #ImamKhamenei #KhameneiTheGreat

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