[Majlis 02] 20th Muharram 1437 - Topic : Quran-E-Mehjoor [قرآن مھجور] Allama Syed Muhammad Zaki Baqri - Urdu

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Muharram   Moharram   1437   2015   Muhammad   Zaki   Baqri   Zake   Baaqri   Quran   Mehjoor   Qoran   Urdu  

20th Muharram 1437 Hijari 3rd November 2015 Topic: قرآن مھجور Quran-E-Mehjoor By Allama Syed Muhammad Zaki Baqri Urdu Venue: مرکزی امام بارگاہ قصر بتول علیہ السلام ساہیوال پنجاب پاکستان

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