HALAL Vs. Haram Music (Ghina) TOTAL CLARITY | BISKIT | English

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Question: Can I listen to music in a wedding? Answer: Listening to haram music (Ghina) is not allowed, whether you’re in a wedding or not! Duh! When you hear haram music, it is SO OBVIOUS that it is HARAM! Yet, people remain in a perpetual state of confusion regarding this subject (sometimes wilfully). And sometimes, people have MANY genuine questions about various TYPES of music, fearing that they may be listening to haram. All such questions would be solved if we just understood the foundations of Islam. But have no fear, the BISKIT GUY is here to make it crystal clear. Through paying attention to the Arabic language, the Quran and what the Maraje\\\\\\\' tell us, differentiating between haram and halal music is actually totally clear. But alas: we have neglected these three golden sources for understanding and so, many are still confused about which types of music is halal and which types are not. #Islam #Music #HaramMusic #Ghina #Halal #Haram #Marjas #Taqleed #Shia #Sunni #Quran #Hadith #Muhammad #Prophet #Ahlulbayt #Rap #Pop #Classic #Instrumental #Celebrities #Biskit

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