The Parable of the Spider [17] - Verse 40-44 - Tafsir - English

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#Quran #Sura-al-Ankabut #Tafseer Part Sixteen: Conclusion: verse 40-44: lessons from destinies of previous nations Sūra al-\'Ankabūt (Arabic: سورة العنكبوت) is the twenty ninth sura of the Qur\'an. It is a Makki sura located in juz\'s twenty and twenty one. The name \"al-\'Ankabut\" (spider) is adopted from the analogy made in verse forty one of this sura. This sura speaks about the unity of God, signs of God in the creation and fighting with polytheism; and to console the few Muslims in the beginning of Islam, it gives reports about the destinies of some previous prophets. Sura al-\'Ankabut also speaks about the greatness of the Qur\'an and the proofs of rightfulness of Prophet Muhammad and the stubbornness of his opposers. Verses forty one and fifty seven are among famous verses of Sura al-\'Ankabut. In verse forty one, God likens the story of disbelievers\' reliance on idols to spider and its weak net; and verse fifty seven warns that every soul shall taste death, then they shall be brought back to God. About the merits of recitation of this sura, it is transmitted from Prophet Muhammad that whoever recites Sura al-\'Ankabut, he will be rewarded ten rewards for every believer or hypocrite [in the history]. Order and Place of Revelation Sura al-\'Ankabut is a Makki sura. It was eighty fifth sura revealed to Prophet Muhammad. It is twenty ninth sura of the Qur\'an,[2] located in juz\'s twenty and twenty one. Sura al-\'Ankabut has sixty nine verses, 683 words, and 4321 letters. Regarding volume, this sura is among Mathani suras and is little more than one hizb (one-fourth of a juz\'). ----- SUPPORT our videos @ DONATE today @ FACEBOOK: TheIPH TWITTER: The_IPH PODCAST:

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