Students head for Iraq | When He Calls | pt.1/8 | English

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Episode 1 of the ground-breaking new film following the journey of five students as they make their way to the Holy land of Karbala. Students of Al Mustafa International, the Islamic Seminary of Qom, set out to the lands where Imam Husayn, the grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, was brutally slain by the tyrannical Yazid over a thousand years ago. The students will join a current of millions of other people from across the globe who have also been attracted to the land where the ultimate sacrifice took place. The students will face peril, hunger and thirst and endure exhaustion as well as the heat of Iraq all for the sake of their beloved: Imam Husayn. What is it about the ancient city of Karbala that captivates Muslims? What makes approximately 30 million people travel there each year? The ziarat [pilgrimage] to Karbala is considered a sacred journey for Muslims across the world, especially followers of the Shia School of Thought. Every week, Islamic Pulse will be releasing two episodes of ‘When He Calls’ by the will of God, so stay tuned!

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