Cooking Recipe - Chinese Fried Rice - English

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Home made beef fried rice with fresh veges stir fried to perfection, finger licking good Recipe: 1 tbsp of olive oil 3 cups day old rice mixed with soy sauce 1 cup spring onions diced 1 cup celery diced 1/3 cup red bell pepper diced 1/3 cup orange bell pepper diced 1/3 cup green bell pepper diced 1 cup shredded carrots 3/4 cup coleslaw 2 eggs (optional) Salt to taste pepper to taste 1 1/2 cups of boiled beef Method: Heat the oil and add the onions and stir fry a little, followed by the celery, the three colored peppers, carrots, and coleslaw saute all the veges making sure you don't cook it too much as the veges will become soggy. Add the salt and pepper make sure you do a taste test at this time, and if you choose to add the eggs this is the time you add the eggs in the middle of the pot and stir mix all the veges together and lastly go ahead and add the cooked meat, give it a good stir and mix the rice with all the veges making sure not to break the rice. Cover the rice and let it cook for just five min, uncover stir again and enjoy... Can be served with the crunchy noodles and soy sauce with a bit of hot sauce!!

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