Imam Mahdi (A), The Soft War and YOU (2020) | 5th Anniversary special | English

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We can hardly believe it too - it has been 5 whole years since Islamic Pulse was launched on the 15th of Shaban 2015. It has been a roller-coaster ride, but somehow - we’ve made it this far and Allah has helped us to spread the message of #PureMuhammadanIslam to hundreds of thousands out there… but what still needs to be done? Now, in 2020, with the world having become an even weirder and more confusing realm, we give you a glimpse into the Islamic Pulse studio and a motivational message: we’re here for all of you! #ImamMahdi #15Shaban #TheAwaitedSaviour #Iran #Qom #IslamicPulse #TheAwaitedSavior #TheAwaitedOne #Coronavirus #Covid19

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