Where is the Courage in the Muslim World? | Br. Khalil Jafar | English

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In today’s world, it is of absolute importance that we learn to face our fears. Br. Khalil Jafar beautifully explains using examples from the Ahadith and the Quran how bravery is always the need of the time and how past generations and ancient civilizations were replaced with others due to their not having fortitude, faith and courage. Duration: 10:44 🌍 islamicpulse.tv 👤 fb.com/islamicpulse 💬 twitter.com/islamic_pulse 📱 telegram.me/islamicpulse 📷 instagram.com/islamicpulse 🎬 shiatv.net/user/islamicpulse 📱 https://chat.whatsapp.com/LUaxFdIAvawFBjdHtwoMtC

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