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The Mother of the Believers: Lady Khadija (A) | CubeSync | English

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Our condolences to all the believers, wherever they are, upon the passing anniversary of the esteemed Mother of the Believers, the first wife of the Messenger of Allah (S), the mother of lady Fatima Zahra (A), her eminence lady Khadija binta Khuwailid (A). In this episode we reflect upon the honorable life of lady Khadija binta Khuwailid (A). Why was lady Khadija (A) known as the \\\'Princess of Mecca\\\'? And why does this title stand out when considering what era her eminence used to live in? Moreover, what did lady Khadija (A) do with her great wealth? And what does her eminence lady Khadija (A) teach us about sacrifice? Finally, what did the Messenger of Allah call the year when her eminence lady Khadija (A) passed away? Peace and salutations be upon you, O’ the mother of the pure Imams (A)! Peace and salutations be upon you, O\\\' the one to whom Gabriel used to salute! Peace and salutations be upon you, O’ Khadija binta Khuwailid ! #CubeSync #IslamicPulse #Allah #Ethics #Quran #Martydom #Muslims #Islam #Martyr #Shaheed #Wilayat #AhlulBayt #Islamic_Revolution #Muhammad #Khadija #Marriage #Chastity #Supplication #Honor #Wealth #Justice #Truth #Sacrifice

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