Movie - Prophet Yousef - Episode 16 - English

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Prophet Joseph is a Persian-language mini-series originally broadcast in 2008, which tells the story of prophet Yusuf (or Joseph) according to the Islamic tradition. Realistic depictions of everyday life are represented. Each episode in the series begins with a poly-phonic recitation of the first four verses (ayah) of the chapter (surah) on Yusuf. The 45 episodes of the series are replete with themes on filial love, personal journey through life (within family and on one\'s own), personal character, submission, prayer, prophethood, idolatry, monotheism, loyalty, betrayal, carnal desires, nature of various kinds of love, separation, abandonment, slavery, social organisations at various levels, nature of political authority, governance, strategy, various ideologies (and their implications), anticipation, and finally, forgiveness and salvation. The movie meanders through the existential lives of three principal characters (Yusuf, Zuleikha and Ya\'qub) with dozens of other major and minor characters. The story in the series starts in the south of Babylon, in the second millennium BC, depicting Ya\'qub\'s battle against idolatry (of Ishtar) in Mesopotamia and the miraculous birth of Yusuf

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