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\"Reach the Peak\" as we delve deeply into the beautiful pages of Nahjul Balagha and the wise words of the Commander of the Faithful, the first divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A). In this episode, Sayyid Amir Behbahani speaks to us about \"The Dunya\'s Favor\". What is Hikmah number 8 by Imam Ali (A), found in Nahjul Balagha? What qualities does Imam Ali (A) attribute to the materialistic world and to worldliness, known as \'Dunya\'? What is the meaning of the Arabic word \'Ariah\'? And what does it mean to have the \'favor\' of the \'Dunya\'? What part of Imam Ali (A)\'s letter to Malik al-Ashtar is relevant to our discussion? And how is the idea of not taking self-credit for other people\'s work, relevant to our discussion? What are just some of the words of Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R) and Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei that show us their humility and their humbleness in the face of the people\'s praises? What does the Messenger of Allah (S) say about the praises that you might receive from others? And finally, why should we all be careful of taking \"The Dunya\'s Favor\"? If you ultimately want to \"Reach the Peak\", you\'re going to have to take the first step - wherever you are! #IslamicPulse #ReachthePeak #ImamAli #Rajab #NahjulBalagha #RTP #Islam #Allah #Shia #Muslim #Sunni #AhlulBayt #Imamate #Wilayate #Ali

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