The Woman who Saved Islam: Sayyida Zaynab (S) | Authentic, traditional Shia Elegies | English

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After the tragic events of Karbala, it was the noble sister of Imam Husayn (A) who ensured that the message would reach the masses. Sayyida Zaynab (S), challenged Yazid - the tyrant of her time, which began ripples of rebellion throughout the lands and with her courage, patience and fortitude, she stood before the treacherous People of Kufa and said: “What will you reply when the Prophet shall ask you, how did you fair, while you were the last nation, with my progeny and my children, the noble ones, that some of them are captivated and some drenched in their blood, this is not the recompense regarding which I advised you with which you treated my ‘Near-ones’, I fear that a wrath similar to the people of Iram might descend upon you”. - Sayyida Zainab bint Ali (a.s)’s sermon in Kufa Nafasul Mahmum, Shaykh \\\'Abbas Qummi #Arbaeen #40Days #IslamicRevolution #Revolution #Husayn #Yazid #IslamicHistory #Muharram #History #GoodVsEvil #Massacre #Karbala #Ashura #Shia #ShiaIslam #Sunni #SunniIslam #TakfiriWahhabi

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