[Quick Recipes] Non Fried Iftar snacks - (Ramzan Special Recipes) - English Urdu

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[Quick   Recipes]   Non   Fried   Iftar   snacks   -   (Ramzan   Special   Recipes)   -   English   Urdu   FOOD  

If you dont like fried then this video is just for you. Here is a collection of Non Fried Iftar Snacks. #HappyCookingToYou #FoodFusion Written Recipes: 00:17 Baked and Air Fried Pakora: http://bit.ly/2VrwrMD 02:08 Steamed Dahi baray: http://bit.ly/2VoBE7J 05:29 Baked wontons: http://bit.ly/2ViWk1d 07:38 Baked Potato Wedges: http://bit.ly/2VqqwaA 09:40 Healthy nachos with yogurt sauce: http://bit.ly/2A6tOo9 12:30 Special Dahi Chana Chaat: http://bit.ly/2VsN0I6 14:25 Baked Chicken tender pops: http://bit.ly/2VoBYmX Visit Our Website: https://www.foodfusion.com Download iOS & Android app: https://www.foodfusion.com/app Facebook: https://facebook.com/foodfusionpk Instagram: https://instagram.com/foodfusionpk Twitter: https://twitter.com/foodfusionpk Also Follow @Healthy Fusion & @Food Fusion Kids for healthy food & kids special recipes.

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