The Life of Shaheed Lajeverdi | Short Documentary | Farsi Sub English

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Who was Shaheed Asadullah Lajevardi? And what were his contributions towards the Islamic Revolution? What was a distinctive quality of him? Furthermore, what did he have to say about the ideology of the terrorist MKO? And how was he involved in the upbringing of his children when he was in prison of the oppressive Shah? Besides, what kind of lifestyle did he have? Moreover, what was his attitude when he was given power and position after the establishment of the Islamic Republic system? And finally, how does the Leader of the Islamic Revolution – Sayyid Ali Khamenei – describe him? Zohreh Lajevardi –the daughter of Shaheed Lajevardi – gives us an insight into her father’s life and describes his admirable qualities and his outlook towards life in this short documentary.

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