CLIP | Influence(نفوذ) | Hojjat ul Islam Agha Ali Reza Panahian | Persian sub English

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Nufooz   نفوذ   Panahian   پناهیان   influence   enemy   dushman   soft   war   softwar   media   ali   reza   persian   farsi   english   پناہیان   علی   رضا   اثر   دشمن   جنگ   نرم   صدا   سیما   تلوزیون   عباس   abbas   rouhani   khamenei   روحانی   عباس   خامنہ   ای   حضرت  

In this video clip, Agha Panahian explains how the enemy works in the cultural space, and how should we handle their attacks. This clip also features Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei. We have obtained legal permission from the original maker of the non-translated video. NOTE: This is the Official YouTube Channel of Aba Saleh Productions, managed by Jawad Hemani(myself), with some inputs from others. The content is FREE to use without any Copyrights, provided it is used for the sake of propagating true Islamic teachings, and not for personal interests. Contact: [email protected]

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