Salam, O\' Imam Askari (A)! | Latmiyya | Farsi Sub English

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Our condolences to all the believers, all across the world, upon the martyrdom of the 11th divinely appointed Imam, Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Askari (A); the father of the Awaited Savior, Imam al-Mahdi (A). O\' Imam Askari, you sacrificed your life for Islam and the Qur\'an. O\' Imam Askari, even after a thousand years, you are so dangerous for the enemy that they blew up your beautiful golden dome in Samarra. O\' Imam Askari, how our hearts and souls desire to walk among your courtyards. A beautiful Latmiyya recited by Haj Mehdi Rasouli.

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