We - the Poor - Arundhati Roy - English

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A segment from the documentary - We - where Arundhati Roy - the writer and activist - talks about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the world. See the entire documentary at www.weroy.org. Roys comments in this segment end at a very insightful point where she says that both socialism and market capitalism are inherently flawed and are bound to fail. Because both are conjured up by the human-mind but they destroy themselves by human nature! I am reminded here of Shaheed Sadrs profound analysis at the beginning of his book - Our Philosophy. Any social system that does not take into account the various dimensions of human nature - including the material and the spiritual - any system that does not have a program for curing the problems in hearts and for developing the good potentials in human souls and only focuses upon the material factors is bound to fail - be they the socialist states or the welfare systems in capitalist economies. The strength and beauty of Islam is in its comprehensive-ness - in its comprehensive and wholistic guiding principles for all dimensions of human nature and for both individual lives and collective issues of society.

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