A Walk Towards A Perfect World | Arbaeen Walk 2020 | Full Documentary - English

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Note: Don\'t forget to turn captions on (especially to understand non-English parts)! Join us in experiencing the world\'s largest annual peaceful walk through film. The Arbaeen Walk is a walk from the shrine of Imam Ali (a) towards the shrine of Imam Husayn (a) and it is indeed a journey like none other. In a world filled with chaos and corruption, a new world begins to rise from the heart of a war-torn country. What unites millions of people from all across the world to walk together peacefully in one location? Why are millions of people chanting the name of a man who was killed around 1400 years ago? What\'s so significant about this walk that awakens people\'s inner humanity and stance against injustice? Why hasn\'t this walk been covered by mainstream media? Find the answers to all of these questions in our upcoming documentary: A Walk Towards A Perfect World. Website: http://www.thedaybreakmag.com Twitter & Instagram: @thedaybreakmag YouTube: Daybreak Documentaries

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