[84] The Signs That You Love Allah | Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi | Farsi Sub English

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Do all those who say they love Allah, truly love Allah? What does the Almighty Allah say about the above question? What are some signs that a person truly loves the Almighty Allah? What kind of food would such a person eat, and what kind of clothes would such a person wear? Who is such a person\\\\\\\'s friend and where do they spend their leisure? Finally, what are \\\\\\\"The Signs That You Love Allah\\\\\\\"? The late Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi (R) provides us with a short, but profound lesson on the basics of loving Allah. #Islam #QomTv #Misbah-Yazdi #Akhlaq #Love #Allah #Concepts #Beliefs #Salvation #Spirituality #Shia

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