[Friday Sermon] The Crucial Role of Women in Society | Domestic Violence Today | H.I Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi | English

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- Examining the integral role of women in society - The importance of a couple being in sync, on the same page when it comes to faith and values - Examining Sura Nur and it\'s verses on this issue - Narrating the story of Bibi Zainab, her marriage process, and the examples we can derive from it for ourselves when it comes to compatibility, faith, and character - Looking at the unfortunate situation of domestic violence, which is an issue that affects families at a global level - No culture, faith, or nationality is immune from this issue. This is understood in society, however whenever it comes to a Muslim man physically abusing his wife, Islam as a religions is blamed, rather than the individual - Sharing some statistics regarding the plight of women in these situations, specifically in Canada - Discussing the need to refrain from violence or abuse, and to resolve issues in a peaceful constructive manner - Reviewing Sura Tahrim, discussing the Prophet and his marriages, the challenges they presented, and how he handled them. - The two main paths out of a situation are patience, coupled with mediation and counselling, or divorce, to remove yourself from the situation safely - Narrating a segment of the Prophet\'s last sermon in Ghadir, summarizing the teachings of Islam, including respect for women

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