\"Stand Alone\" | Islamic Revolutionary Rap song by a 13 Yr-Old Boy | Husayn Z. | English

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A revolutionary rap performed by a courageous young brother in Iran, discussing contemporary issues in an artistic and thought-provoking manner. Before commenting on the Islamic permissibility of this piece, please watch our videos on the subject of music carefully and then come to an understanding. How Haram is Music? | Biskit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fVCCPe7CSs Is All Music Haram? | Shaykh Usama Abdulghani https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdaRNOSgpLM Analysis of the Music Industry | Shaykh Salim Yusufali | Weapons of Mass Deception https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip_tpCZzIX0 #IslamicRevolution #Unity #IslamicMusic #Nasheed #FreeZakzaky #Zakzaky #FreeKashmir #Kashmir #ImamKhamenei #Khamenei #SoftWar #CultureWar #IslamicRepublic #Imperialism #Colonialism #Scholars4Dollars #Saudis #TakfiriWahhabis #BritishShiaism #Wahhabis #America #israel #UK #Trump #Netanyahu #BorisJohnson #RowanAtkinson #Modi #BJP #India #Pakistan #EndOfTimes #ImamMahdi #AJTF #DTA #DTI ______________________________ LYRICS: Ya Imam! We heard your father foretold, \\\"One\\\'s religion will be harder to hold Than gripping onto a burning coal at the end of times” Now here we are Some praying hypocritically ain’t it bizarre? so it\\\'s better if you don\\\'t return just yet- the only one suffering to that extent, - not hiding or attempting to circumvent - is #ShaykhZakzaky and a handful of others not even 1% The rest of us are busy living the rat-race, And those who strut around with utmost grace Representatives of the Deen of the Human Race are no different today than they were 1000 years ago – When betrayal and cowardice used to flow Instead of blood through their veins, Ready to take no pains, ready to suffer no trials All the while, got you stuck in your comfort zone So tell me again why a youth like me ought to stand alone? stand alone? stand alone? So tell me again why a youth like me ought to stand alone? It’s a joke. But it ain’t funny. People doing what they do For just a bit of money. The two Qiblahs of the Muslims are occupied Would the Prophet have laughed or would he have cried? The Leader proved that we could go so far The sky is the limit, but you’re sat on the sofa Forget about speaking out against America- You can’t even tell me it’s haram to go to the bar - Shh- MI6 could have us on the radar- “God forbid my reputation gets marred”- next year they won’t call me back to Zanzibar Shopping around in the community bazar While you ride around in your fancy little car, Sitting with politicians eatin’ caviar, The war in Venezuela’s what paid for your cigar, Mum said to listen to you, coz you’re a scholar But reality is - You’re a celebrity, not a shining star- - You’re no less than the People of Kufa What you say and what you do is so far From one another so Tell me again how for me, The Holy Prophet’s an exemplar! It’s a joke. But it ain’t funny. People doing what they do For just a bit of money. The two Qiblahs of the Muslims are occupied Would Imam have laughed or would he have cried? You see all too clearly what we do – while neglecting utterly the cause of Palestine, and the cause of Zakzaky too, we’ve neglected Yemen and are compliant to the People of Lut - All the while, stirring up an “Islamic” tea To serve with utmost akhlaq to you and to me, But within the cup ain’t a drop of purity- From the wide and vast Islamic sea, All you see in your cup is hypocrisy, While you’re sipping away, in prison is a scholar named Zakzaky - It’s not Islam AT ALL, don’t you see? Like a fake brand name, slapping the name Of Husayn on piece of cloth, doesn’t make it the same. - they call them scholars- but they’re Insane scholars for dollars And they only exist because this nation Doesn’t stop filling their pockets with elation Take a hike, take a vacation- Please - not to Buckingham palace drinking from a tyrant’s chalice Kissing up to the kings of malice Being callous towards those who need us most You sit on the pulpit and boast While the children of Yemen are toast children of Palestine roast there’s only suffering Coast-to-coast, But you’re thoroughly enjoying your post, Adios Amigos, Trump in the White House Mr. Bean at number 10 You say NOTHING time and time again - Stop the charade of being wise men, Because you’re nothing but comedians Jesters at the foot of Big Ben, While you give the masses all of your charm Imam Husayn never needed your salaam… If you don’t rise up- say Goodbye to Islam _______________________________

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