Are you ready for the biggest banquet of the year | Agha Ali Reza Panahiyan | English

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Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: ============================== 1️⃣ The month of Ramadan is near, and you are probably already eager for it to start so you can breathe in its unique atmosphere. 2️⃣ In the month of Ramadan, God\\\'s mercy rains on us non-stop. Every moment is full of unique opportunities that should be used. 3️⃣ Now that God has favored us and once again invited us to His banquet, we must prepare ourselves to make the best use of it. 4️⃣ If you want this month of Ramadan to be different from the previous Ramadans and you want to enjoy and benefit from it more, we have a suggestion for you. 5️⃣ “Preparing for the Month of Ramadan: God’s Banquet” is a short 80-page book that may take only an hour to read, but its effect on your attitude can be astonishing. It can help for this month of Ramadan to be different for you. 6️⃣ Let\\\'s take a look at some of the readers\\\' comments: 🔸Gives you a beautiful perspective of the month of Ramadan. Wish I had read it earlier. 🔸After reading this book, my wish to benefit from the blessings of the holy month of Ramadan increased much more. 🔸Filled with a pleasant spiritual feeling that helps us to understand this month more, then in this beautiful month we can create the most beautiful, best moments for ourselves. 🔸It’s great for the start of the month of Ramadan. I always read it before the month of Ramadan. It changes one\\\'s mood. 🔸I’ve always loved Ali Reza Panahian’s lectures and his way of explaining things. If you’re familiar with him, this book will be a treat for you, and if you’re not familiar with him, this book will feel like you’re sitting in your living room with a kind, loving grandfather, a warm cup of chai, and listening to him share his wisdom with you. The book is a slow read, but I guess it’s meant to be savored and pondered upon rather than devoured. As you read about the month of Ramadan and how to prepare for it regardless of which level of Imaan [faith] you’re at, it’ll make you look forward to doing your best during Ramadan and striving to be counted amongst “God’s friends” this month and forever more. Inshallah 7️⃣ You can get this book from Amazon. This book is available in both paperback and Kindle (ebook) edition.

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