What is Faith | Agha Ali Reza Panahiyan | Farsi Sub English

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I’m not infatuated with anyone but God. Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Panahianen/ ... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/PanahianEN/... Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanahianEN Telegram: https://telegram.me/Panahianen/ ============================== What is faith? Faith is something that eliminates your useless entanglements and makes you ready to understand this point that the only thing worth living for is the excitement of getting close to God. How close have I become to Him? Our likings and fears are keeping us busy. These don’t let us see our high goal in life, which is getting close to God. What does faith do? Faith wants to give us peace of mind so that we can abandon the games they have designed for our minds and our hearts’ entertainments. It keeps you safe in calamities and fears. It keeps you safe from the harms of the sweet points in life! Do you know what is one of the harms of this sweetness? When you experience this sweetness, you’ll be repelled by it afterwards. This is one of its harms. [One might think,] “Having too much calm is not good either! If I’m too calm, I won’t work anymore. If I’m too calm, where will I experience excitements? People want a life with excitement. But by talking about faith, you are calming everything down. The excitement of marriage! Thinking about what will happen! The excitement of having a relationship. Excitement…” But God says, “These excitements are not enough for you. I’m not against excitements. I want to give you a deeper excitement.” People pay money to be in an exciting atmosphere. One says, “If we don’t have such excitements, we’ll rot.” He’s right. One cannot live without excitements. But what does God say? He says, “I want to give you a deeper excitement.” Nothing will remain from these excitements for you afterwards, and you’ll feel upset. And they’re not useful for you. What happens? You became rich? You used all your money. What was added to you? And you’re bored by these too. One says, “I’ve seen this show before and I’m tired of it. Couldn’t we go to a different show?” “I’ve seen this movie before.” “I’ve gone to this amusement park before.” So he goes to do something else. He is constantly trying different things. People say, “Islam is against us having excitements.” But Islam is against our wrong lifestyle. Islam has announced many relations are unlawful. Why? They have some sort of excitement, but Islam says, “Why do you waste yourself for such excitements? You won’t gain anything afterwards. Instead, have a serious excitement. Pure Lady Fatimah Zahra (as) would pray in such a way that she experienced spiritual excitement and its effects could be seen in her appearance. Even if we have the best worldly life, we won’t have such excitements even once a year. The spiritual excitements are without harms, but those excitements have many harms. Spiritual excitements are useful, but those excitements are harmful. Spiritual excitements are eternal. I confess to you that I don’t believe in a god whom when one goes to him for the second time, it feels like the first time again [in terms of enjoyment]. I don’t believe in such a god. God is not like this. It is said in the traditions that on the eve before Fridays, the Friends of God receive a new understanding of God. Their new understanding is such that when they look back, it’s as if they didn’t know God before. But such a thing doesn’t happen in our lives even once! See what excitement they experience. What does having faith do? It takes away false excitements so that there is space for the main excitement. What is the name of that main excitement? “Getting close to God.” I want to get close to God. How should we communicate with God? The way is to have faith. Faith cuts your dependance on others. That is why the main dhikr of faith is«لا إله ‌إلّا ‌الله» [There is no god but Allah]. What does “Ilah [god]” mean? It means whoever you’re infatuated with.«لا إله ‌إلّا ‌الله» I’m not infatuated with anyone but God. Faith gives a person this safety. Faith tells a person, “Forget the sweetness and bitterness of the world. You don’t want the small excitements from the sweetness of this world, nor do you want the useless fears. Let me give you safety.” Faith wants to give us peace of mind so that we can abandon the games they have designed for our minds and our hearts’ entertainments.

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