Wiladat Imam Ali Taqi (a.s) | The Quest for Spirituality | Avoiding Fake Spiritual Masters | Sufis | Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi | English

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Wiladat   Imam   Ali   Taqi   Quest   Spirituality   Avoiding   Fake   Spiritual   Masters   Sufis   Sufi   Maulana   Syed   Muhammad   Rizvi  

- Why is it difficult to stay on the right path? - What impact does prayer have on this? - What is the quest for spirituality? - Who should be our source of guidance and inspiration to improve our spirituality - 5 ways to improve your personal spirituality - How to be aware of fake spiritual masters, and those who attract people who are trying to improve themselves, but lead them down a false path - Narrating an event from Imam Ali\'s life on this issue - Various cultural rituals, and their impact on spirituality, depending on their nature Wiladat of 10th Imam Ali an-Naqi (a.s.) Date: July 15th, 2022 Donate towards our programs today: https://jaffari.org/donate/ Jaffari Community Centre (JCC Live)

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