israel Is Terrified | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | Arabic Sub English

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What are the dirty tactics used by the enemies to separate the Muslim nations from Palestine? And why should the Muslim nations keep aside their differences when it comes to the issue of Palestine? Who are some of the great religious personalities who have stood in solidarity with Palestine? And today, what is the heavily armed israeli soldier terrified of? And lastly, why is the sacred Al-Quds of significant importance for all Abrahamic religions? Sayyid Hashem al-Haideri sheds light on the deceitful techniques of the Great Satan and its illegitimate creation, israel, to isolate Palestine from the rest of the Islamic world. The Pivot is Palestine, and Free It Shall Be! It is the Promise of Allah. #BDS #BoycottApartheid #FlyTheFlag #AlQuds2022 #AlQuds_The_Axis #alQuds #QudsDay #Free Palestine #Palestine #Yemen #Zionism #DeathToisrael

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