BISKIT FU Pt. 4/6 | Rise of Rage | BISKITOONS | English

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It’s been a long time, but we’re proud to announce that BISKITOONS IS BACK with a vengeance! The Instructor has become a broken man. Devastated that his chosen student - Cherry - was beaten by Tango, the Instructor is filled with remorse and shame. But there is someone seeking to take advantage of his despair… the WASAWASA MAN, who has stolen a mega-mask from Ghostie’s lab! Will he successfully corrupt the Instructor? If so, what dubious horrors could the Instructor possibly unleash, armed with the martial-arts enhancing technology? Find out in this epic 4th installment! #BISKITOONS #BiskitFu #IslamicPulse #ChildrensCartoons #IslamicCartoons #Islam #Ethics #Akhlaq

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Runtime: 7m 26s
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