[Mehfil-E-Mushaira] Topic : فلسطین فلسطینیوں کا وطن | Speech - Janab Sabir Karbalai - Urdu

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Mehfil-E-Mushaira   grand   poetry   event   urdu   Poetry   فلسطین   فلسطینیوں   کا   وطن   Palestine   is   the   homeland   of   Palestinians   Palestine   Foundation   Pakistan   Arts   Council   Palestine   in   connection   of   68   NakbaDay   anniversary   grand   Congregation   of   poets   in   solidarity   with   oppressed   people   of   Palestine  

[Mehfil-E-Mushaira] | Speeche - Janab Sabir Karbalai - Urdu Topic : Palestine is the homeland of Palestinians - فلسطین فلسطینیوں کا وطن A grand poetry event was organized by Palestine Foundation Pakistan held at Arts Council of #Pakistan #Karachi

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