The Lady of Light: Fatima (A) is Fatima (A) | IP Talk Show | English

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Our deepest condolences to all the believers upon the martyrdom of the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, the esteemed and honorable Lady of Light, her eminence lady Fatima Zahra (A). Islamic Pulse Productions is honored and humbled to present an IP Talk Show regarding the life and martyrdom of her eminence, lady Fatima Zahra (A). In this session we sit down and speak with Shaykh Muhammad Husayn about the life of lady Fatima Zahra (A), the ever-living stance of lady Fatima Zahra (A), and how perhaps, the only way to know lady Fatima Zahra (A) is through lady Fatima Zahra (A). #IPTalkShow #IslamicPulse #Fatima #Zahra #Martydom #Messenger #Prophet #Muhammad #Muslims #Islam #Wilayat #AhlulBayt

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