Surah Hujurat, Verse No. 9 | The Signs of Allah | English

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In this episode of our journey through \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", Shaykh Muhammad Husayn speaks about Chapter No. 49 of the holy Qur\\\'an, Surah Hujurat, and the 9th verse within it. Yet, what does verse number 9 of Chapter Hujurat say? And what are some of the duties that fellow believing brothers and sisters have with one another? In times of a conflict between the believers, what must the believers do? Is the term \\\'conflict\\\' that comes in this verse, applicable to all types of conflict or is applicable to only one type of conflict? What does the conflict between the Aus and the Khazraj have to do with this specific verse of Surah Hujarat? Finally, based upon this verse, can there be a neutral party in the confrontation between Truth and falsehood? It only takes a few minutes to witness \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", but it could very well change your lives for the better, for-ever. #Allah #TheSignsofAllah #IslamicPulse #Quran #Tafsir #Islam #TheWord #Hujurat #AhlulBayt

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