[IV] Lessons from the People of Paradise I Sheikh Azhar Nasser I English

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Imam Ali says, \"When fighting became intense, we would seek refuge behind the holy prophet.\" The Prophet says \"No prophet suffered as I suffered\" The Prophet loved the city of makkah, the prophet says \"Allah is witness that you are dear to me\" The Prophet seeked refuge with Fatimah The prophet says\"when I miss jannah I kiss the neck of Fatimah\" Fatimah is the heavenly women as said by The Prophet Allah talks about the conversations between the inmates of paradise The quran says if you want to be in paradise, acquire the qualities of the people of paradise You have to be people of compassion to be in paradise When The Prophet was pelted by stones from non-muslims he would still make excuses for them, saying \"maybe their children will pray\" The dua of the people of jannah is\"they made it to jannah, who did they give credit to, they say Allah is the one who guided us\" To be among the inmates of jannah you have to acknowledge The Prophets as well Don\'t be the one who seeks jannah without doing amal The quran will keep giving you depending on your thirst of hiqmah The people of paradise call out to the people of hell The believers initiate the dialogue about the promise of Allah We found the promise of our lord to be true The conversation is a god centric conversation The people of hell say:\"give us water\" The people of hell fire still instead of asking Allah they still try to cheat the system The people of hell still don\'t practise tawid It\'s impossible that anything of heaven can be transported to hell The Prophet says\"there will be people in paradise will say : how did you end up in hell. we used to invite people to goodness but we never practiced\" Always practise what you preach Pray the namaz on time and Allah will give you the tawfiq to wake up for fajr Practice what you know and Allah will give you more True knowledge is a light Some people have hiqmah by just obeying Allah Fatimah zahra s.a has all the qualities as mentioned above Fatimah is the host of paradise Surah yunus says \" the dua of the people of jannah is tasbeeh and greet each other with salam, they end every transaction with taween\" Allah give more reward to the humble than the arrogant Tasbeeh is much more comprehensive than you think Tasbeeh isn\'t just verbal Allah says\"go to pharaoh for he has transgressed\" The dua of Musa is\"help me change myself and help me overcome my shortcomings\" Allah says \"do all of this so me and Aron can doo tasbeeh\" Everything that Musa does is tasbeeh When Yunus was in the belly of the whale Allah says \"the only reason I saved Yunus is because he did tasbeeh\" Allah tells us that everything does tasbeeh You don\'t hear their voices Allah says \"i made the mountains and the birds do tasbeeh with david The malaikah says that they are better than human because they do tasbeeh day and night and don\'t get tired. Allah made a system of guidance because light guides The only ones who are able to make every moment of their life tasbeeh is muhammad and al muhammad Fatimah zahra used to do a lot of nafilah before she got married and had children Fatimah requested a servant to rasulullah, rasulullah taught her a tasbeeh that is better than everything in the universe

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