Juz 16 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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Juz 16 of the Holy Qur\'an consists of three Meccan surahs: the last 36 verses of Surah Kahf, the entirety of Surah Maryam, and the entirety of Surah Taha. This juz touches on the concept of how Allah (swt) is in control of everything, including our free-will, how He provides our rizk, and how He intervenes in our lives. When we examine the life of Prophet Musa (as) in the beginning of Surah Taha, we see all of these concepts come together. When Musa’s (as) mother placed him in the river, she was nervous, but she had faith that Allah (swt) would take care of him. Allah (swt) made sure to move the river in such a way that the basket with Musa (as) in it would reach Pharaoh\'s palace. It is here that free-will comes into play. Using their free-will, Asiya, and eventually Pharaoh fell in love with baby Musa and decided to raise him. In this story we can see that while Allah (swt) is in control of everything, He has also provided us with free-will to decide our own destiny.

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