The Saudi monarchy must accept responsibility and apologize - Farsi sub English

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Supreme Leader: Saudi Government Should Accept Responsibility for Mina Calamity. 27/09/2015 The following is the full text of the speech delivered on September 27, 2015 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the start of Dars-e Kharij. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful‌ Today, after a long break, we will resume our discussion, but our hearts are full of sorrow and grief because of the sad event that occurred in Mina and that turned our Eid into mourning in the real sense of the word. Every year, during the hajj season - during these days when the hajj pilgrimage is over - the country experiences a public joy. Hajj pilgrims return and families are happy because fathers, children and spouses are back. Families celebrate the return of their hajj pilgrims and the success of their pilgrimage. Every year, this is the case. It is a time of celebration, but this year, this celebration time has turned into a time of mourning. In many provinces of the country, the number of casualties is large and the remains of the deceased should be returned. Therefore, hearts are truly mournful on these days. One cannot forget about this feeling of grief even for a single moment. In recent days, this feeling of grief has troubled our hearts and the hearts of others. The conclusion that we should draw is that the responsibility of this heavy incident and this grave disaster falls on the shoulders of the Saudi rulers. They should accept the responsibility for this matter. If they shift the blame on others, constantly accuse this and that person and praise themselves in an incessant manner, these actions will get them nowhere. These actions are fruitless. After all, the world of Islam has certain questions. Is the death of more than one thousand individuals from different Islamic countries and in one single incident a joke? And God knows how many hundreds of people from our country have lost their lives. Moreover, it is not clear where the missing people are. It is possible that many of them are among the deceased. Is the death of several hundred individuals in an event - the event of hajj - a minor incident? Is it a joke? The world of Islam should think about this. The first issue is that the Saudis should accept their responsibility and the requirements for accepting this responsibility should be acted on. If they engage in criticizing and accusing this and that person instead of apologizing to the Islamic Ummah and to the families, this will get them nowhere because nations are seriously pursuing this matter. This matter will not be forgotten. I hope- God willing- that God will ordain good.

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