Modern Ignorance: The Basis of Western Civilization | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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SHow is the western civilization of today similar to the era of ignorance during the time of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S)? And in today’s world, what is life in the western civilization based upon? And what is the fundamental basis of all western values? Moreover, what vices are prevalent in today’s world and how are they being presented to humanity? And finally, why has the western civilization come to be known as the era of modern ignorance? The Leader of the Islamic Revolution – Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei – speaks and explains while drawing a parallel between the Age of Ignorance before the time of the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and today\'s Age of Modern Ignorance. #ModernIgnorance #WesternCivilization #IslamicCivilization

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