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Who was Hashim ibn Utbah al-Mirqal? In this episode of Unsung Heroes, Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen speaks about \"Hashim al-Mirqal\". Yet, who was Hashim al-Mirqal, how did he live his life, and what was his biographical background? Who was the famous, yet dastardly cousin of Hashim al-Mirqal; a person who was in the army of Yazeed on the plains of Karbala? What kind of a person was the father of Hashim al-Mirqal and what was he known for? What was the nickname of Hashim al-Mirqal and why was he given that name? In what battle did Hashim al-Mirqal lose one of his eyes? Before what major battle did Imam Ali (A) send a letter with Hashim al-Mirqal to the people of Kufa? What did Imam Ali (A) say to Hashim al-Mirqal when he was wearing two coats of armor in the Battle of Siffin and what did Hashim al-Mirqal say in reply? Who was the evil man who martyred Hashim al-Mirqal and in what battle did this take place? What did Imam Ali (A) say when he came to the place where Hashim al-Mirqal had attained martyrdom? And finally, how did Hashim al-Mirqal attain the lofty status of martyrdom? Find out this and more in this episode about one of the most loyal, devout, and faithful companions of the Messenger of Allah (S) and the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (A), \"Hashim al-Mirqal\", as Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen goes through some of the beautiful, honorable, and yet largely overlooked \"Unsung Heroes\" of Islam. #IslamicPulse #UnsungHeroes #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhulBayt #Muslim #Martyrdom #Shahadat #History #Martyr #Shaheed #Honor #Valor #Sacrifice #Chivalry #Courage #Hashim #al-Mirqal #HashimAlMirqal #Prophet #ImamAli #Ansar #Mecca #Medina #Kufa #Siffin #Jamal

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