The Invincible Zionist Regime Was Humiliated | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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The spiritual and ideological children of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei are spread out across the globe. The Zionist regime of israel was defeated and humiliated at the hands of the revolutionary youth of Lebanon in 2006. They were defeated and humiliated all the while America entered the war directly. The myth of invincibility of the Zionist regime has already been crushed. What are we waiting for then? Well, the masses of the world have to be prepared to say goodbye to this ruthless, baby-killer, illegal and illegitimate entity. The sons and daughters of Wilayah are ready to bring it down. Tomorrow marks the martyrdom anniversary of Haj Imad Mughniyya whose dream is the full liberation of Palestine. It is around the corner inshallah.

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