Juz 13 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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The 13th Juz consists of Surah Yusuf (last 58 verses), Surat al-Ra’ad (43 verses, the Thunder), and Surah Ibrahim (52 verses). All are Meccan and contain themes of establishing the basic tenants of Islam. In the Qur\'an, God uses stories, parables, prose, imagery, rhetorical questions, similitude and allegories to help us separate the truth from falsehood. In this juz, two interesting parables appear. In a delicate way, He uses examples from nature, like the one of the froth/scum on water or the process of purifying gold as is mentioned in Surat al Ra’ad. In Surah Ibrahim, words and beliefs are likened to trees. Both of these mention parables that explain the nature of Truth and falsehood. While falsehood is temporary, Truth is permanent and stable. These parables appeal to our intellect and understanding, so that we may reflect, accept the truth to purify ourselves, and ultimately draw closer to God.

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