How should we feel when praying on the Nights of Destiny | Agha Ali Raza Panahiyan Farsi Sub English

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How   should   we   feel   when   praying   on   the   Nights   of   Destiny   Agha   Ali   Raza   Panahiyan  

It’s not good to talk negatively, especially to God when supplicating Him, and specifically on the Nights of Destiny. But sometimes one sees in the supplications that the Imams themselves talked somewhat negatively. It seems talking like this sometimes has a good effect in the world. This year the religious meetings aren’t the same as before and the believers don’t easily get together. I’m sorry, but let me talk a little negatively. In previous years, when we used to get together and there were good meetings, what did we do? Did our Imam (aj) return?! Some are worried about Muharram. Some are worried about Arbaeen [due to COVID-19]. But during Ashura in previous years we weren’t able to meet Mahdi (aj), the son of Fatimah, either! We weren’t able to benefit enough from these nights. I’m not saying they were ineffective. But you know that the Nights of Destiny are enough for us to bring our Imam back [by praying]. Our situation wasn’t good and now it has become worse. I don’t know how broken hearted you are when you talk with God. What if God is upset at the way we pray and supplicate Him? What if He didn’t like our previous years, since we participate in religious gatherings due to them being fun and entertaining? What will our children think about us? Will they say, “My parents participated in a religious gathering, cried some and came home. It was interesting”? Or will they say, “During these three nights, I don’t know why my parents were so distressed. Why were they pleading so much?” [We should behave such that] our children say, “During these three nights my parents were extremely sad.” ============================== Follow us: Facebook: ... Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: ==============================

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