\"Death to America\": A Logical Religious Slogan | Agha Rahimpour Azghadi | Farsi Sub English

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The slogan \"Death to America\" has been around for almost 40 or so years and its popularity continues to increase amongst the people of the world. What are just some of the experiences that logically lead us to shout out \"Death to America\"? And what are just some of the general lessons learned about the United States of America via the JCPOA? Finally, what is the result of trusting the West and the United States of America? And by the way, if you yourselves look into the past and present actions and behaviors of the United States of America, both domestically and internationally, you too will say in unison, \"Death to America!\" So don\'t be afraid to say \"Death to America\", because everyone else is already saying it loud and proud.

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