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Transcript: One of the factors that expands one\'s capacity, which we discussed last night, is good manners and morals [akhlaq], especially at home and with one\'s family. The Holy Prophet (s), who had the most and highest level of capacity, had the best etiquette of all creation. In this regard, his (s) capacity was great. May God have mercy on Shaheed Beheshti. In his memoirs, he writes that I asked Imam Khomeini, \"During the time when you were young in Qom, who taught the class on etiquette and morals [akhlaq]?\" Imam Khomeini said that when I was young, there was no class on etiquette and morals [akhlaq]. There were individuals who embodied good etiquette and morals, who we learned from them through their actions. No one sat and taught good etiquette and morals [akhlaq] in a class. There were individuals who embodied good akhlaq. Individuals like Ayatollah Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi, whose entire conduct and behaviors embodied good akhlaq. I will give you one example. Notice how if someone were to see this, for the rest of their life, they would not forget it. One day, it was raining, and it had rained very much. At that time, Qom had dirt roads, not asphalt roads- so when it rained, the streets would become muddy. Once a seminary student was passing through one of these streets. He was moving quickly in order to make it in time for his lesson. [As he was walking], he stepped in a muddy pit, and one of his shoes got stuck inside the muddy pit. He limped over to a wall and stood their one-legged wondering what he would do now. At that moment, Ayatollah Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi, the great marja\' taqlid who truly was a great man. He was also elderly. From his place of study, which was in a mosque close by, Ayatollah Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi came out and saw this seminary student standing with one leg while his shoe was stuck in the mud. He took off his own shoes and put it on the foot of the seminary student. He told him wear this and go to your lesson. This seminary student was shocked and said, \"Agha, I will think of something to do.\" Ayatollah Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi without any shoes said, \"No, my home is close by. I will go home and wash my feet. You go to your studies.\" Now look at this, for this eldery maraj\' taqlid to have an interaction like this with a youth, this is better than a thousand lessons of akhlaq given verbally. In fact, etiquette and morals [akhlaq], gnosticism [irfan], training and education [tarbiyat], before they are to be read about in books or heard in lectures, they must be seen. A person must see someone who is like this, not just hear about it or read about it in books. They must see someone like this. Allamah Majlesi, may God be pleased with him, who compiled the \"Bihar al-Anwar\" and was a great person- on Thursday nights, he used to gather his family and speak to them for 30 minutes. He would tell them a narration [hadith], give them admonishments and advice, tell them some Islamic rulings, and recite a eulogy. He would speak to them for 30 minutes. But this Allamah Majlesi, who would speak to them for 30 minutes, he would act on these for an entire week. When his children would see his actions, akhlaq, kindness, compassion, and honesty, his 30 minutes of speaking had a deep effect within the depths of their being. I will never forget this. There was a successful mother who lived in Tehran. She had four children who each of them was better, nobler, more religious, and more respecful than the next. They were also very educated. They asked this successful mother that how were you able to raise such good kids? Nowadays, parents don\'t have much influence over their children. It is truly like this. So they asked this successful mother that how did you raise such good kids? She said something very wise. She said that whatever I wanted my children to become, I myself practiced. That which I wanted my children to be, I myself became it. Support Elhaam Magazine: https://yaseened.givingfuel.com/elhaam-magazine Find us in other places: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElhaamMagazine Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elhaammagazine/ Tumblr: https://elhaammagazine.tumblr.com/ Website: http://elhaam.org/

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