Salam O' Imam Mahdi (A)! | Our Allegiance | Nasheed | Farsi Sub English

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\\\"If you come, I’ll put the world before you!\\\" \\\"If you come, my autumn will end!\\\" \\\"I pledge allegiance at this very hour, at this very moment!\\\" \\\"A world without you has no value.\\\" This and more in this beautiful Nasheed by Reza Helali, Sajjad Mohammadi, the Najmuthaqib children\\\'s Surood group, and the Ehsan children\\\'s Surood group, all in ode to the Master of the Age, the Savior of Humanity, Imam al-Mahdi (A). Originally titled \\\"Bei\\\'at\\\" (allegiance). From every single one of us, \\\"Salam O\\\' Imam Mahdi (A)!\\\"

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