Second Caliph Umar\'s opinion about the Prophet\'s Companions | Farsi sub English

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The 2nd Khalifa (Umar bin Khattab) said: \"Everyone among you (6 chosen Prophet companion to become 4th Khalif) have shortcomings (defects) in them. Zubair when you are angry you leave your religion in rage. You are very bad in conduct. Talha you are arrogant. Saad ibn Waqa you will bring all your family into government, I can\'t rely on you to manage a government. Abdul Rahman bin Aof you are the Pharaoh of this nation.\" This quote is in the books of ahlul sunnah, al Lseab, al Bediya, etc. \"Usman if you become a Khalifa you will impose Bani Umayyah to oppress the Muslims. Now let me speak about Ali. O Ali if your belief is compared to the sum of the belief of all the Muslims then your belief will be heavier. If Ali becomes Khalifa or Leader (Imam) he will guide all the Muslims to sirat al mustaqueem (straight path towards Allah).

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