How To Make Pita Bread On Stove - Pita Bread In Few Steps - English

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Soft pita bread that is hollow on the inside, and can be stuffed with whatever your heart desires! Ing: 3 cups white all purpose flour 11/2 tsp yeast depending on how cold it is you can add 1 sugar to the yeast in 1 cup water salt to taste 1 egg 7 tbsp oil Method: Sift your flour in the container you are going to knead your dough next add salt, egg, and olive oil, mix it really well, now slowly start adding the water and yeast mixture this should make a sticky dough, keep kneading for about 3 min and you should have a nice soft dough. Let the dough rise till it has doubled in size, then make small individual balls and roll them out to about 5 to 6 in in diameter. You will need some extra flour for dusting while you roll the pitas. Start laying them on a floured surface to prevent them from sticking, start cooking the rotis with the first one you had rolled out that way it will give it some time to rise a little, in a med hot pan put the rotis one by one on the frying pan, flip only twice, you can add a little olive oil to prevent it from drying out! Makes about 25 Enjoy

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