[Current Affairs] The Brevity of Social Media | Importance of Reading | Shrine Attacks in Shiraz | Friday Sermon | Maulana Syed M Rizvi | English

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Current   Affairs   Brevity   Social   Media   Importance   Reading   Shrine   Attacks   Shiraz   Iran   Friday   Sermon   Maulana   Syed   Rizvi  

- Today\'s instant communication, and social media, has both positive and negative implications for society - One of the negative implications is the populations adversity to reading, looking up facts, or concentrating on content for anything beyond a short period - Everyone has become used to \'sound bites\', quick clips, and short messages - 25% of students have been impacted when it comes to reading according to one study - Looking at the emphasis on learning in Islam, as demonstrated and stated by the Prophet - Always ensure to verify information you come across, do not take it for granted at face value - The importance of inculcating the habit of reading in your children from a young age - An example of this from Imam Hasan - Discussing the unfortunate terrorist attacks on the shrine of Shah Charagh, Ahmed bin Musa al-Kazim, in Shiraz - Friday Juma Khutba - October 28th, 2022

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