The Protection of the Islamic System Is Wajib | Ayatollah Mohsen Qara'ati | Farsi Sub English

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What does it mean when it is said that the protection of the Islamic System is the utmost Wajib of the Wajibat? Are there any examples of this concept in the holy Quran; and if so, what is instance of this concept in the holy Qur\\\'an? And what is worse, leaving a divine leader or leaving a religious sermon or a prayer? Along with prayers and bowing and prostration, what is another necessary component for every Masjid? What should the place of the holy Qur\\\'an be when taking into consideration the Minbar and the pulpit? Finally, along with knowledge and piety, what is a necessary component for anyone who is to be an Islamic leader? Ayatollah Mohsen Qara\\\'ati speaks about some very necessary points as he speaks about how \\\"The Protection of the Islamic System Is Wajib\\\".

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