Jalapeno Flavored Spinach Dip! - English

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A delicious creamy and spicy dip that can be used as a dip or a spread! Ing: 2 8oz blocks of cream cheese 1/2 tsp lemon pepper 1/3 tsp garlic powder 1/3 tsp onion powder 6 oz jarred jalapeno peppers and the juice 16 oz pack of frozen spinach (squeezed dry) Method: Start by putting the cream cheese in a food processor then add the jalapeno peppers and the juice blend it a little then go ahead and add the lemon pepper, onion powder, and the garlic powder as well as the squeezed spinach, blend all the ingredients one more time till everything has combined. Do a taste test to make sure it is perfect for you, spread on crackers, sandwiches , or just use it as a dip for vegetables and pretzels! Enjoy!

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