The 4 Levels Of The Islamic Unity | Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

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]At times, the Islamic Unity is misunderstood. In this short clip, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei explains the levels and stages of the Islamic Unity. He mentions 4 levels at which Islamic Unity needs to be materialized by the Islamic Ummah. Had the 1st basic level of Islamic Unity materialized, the world would have been a different place to live! #TheProphetUnites #ProphetUnites #ProphetMuhammad #TheHolyProphet #Muhammad #SealOfTheProphets #MuslimsUnited #YaRasoolAllah #OneSolution #IslamicRevolution #ImamKhomeini #ImamKhamenei #France #CharlieHebdo #Shia #Sunni #Unity #UnityWeek

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