Resistance: The Secret to Victory | Dr. Hasan Abbasi | Farsi Sub English

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We do not know of and nor do we recognize any path other than the path of Resistance. The concept of resistance in the face of the enemies of Islam and in general, the enemies of humanity is a critical aspect of the Islamic Revolution. What has this resistance done for the Yemeni people who have been under an all-out military attack, along with siege warfare, by 15 countries being sold military weapons by some of the world\\\'s biggest weapons manufacturers? And how do we prove the downwards moving spiral that the Zionist regime finds itself in? Where does the Zionist regime stand as it moves farther and farther away from its self-proclaimed great victory during the infamous Six Day war? Finally, who is helping the oppressed people all over the world defend themselves from global oppressive powers? Dr. Hasan Abbasi explains that resistance is the only key to victory.

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