Juz 21 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Quran | Sister Fatemah Meghji | English

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The 21st Juz consists of Surat al-Ankabut (last 23 verses, The Spider), Surat ar-Ruum (60 verse, The Romans), Sura Luqman (34 verses), Sura as-Sajdah (30 verses, The Prostration), and Surat al-Ahzab (First 30 verses, The Confederates). A major theme of the Quran is its juxtaposition of this world in relation to the hereafter. God reminds us of the certainty of death, and the promise of the hereafter, and in this realization lies the purpose of our being in this temporary world, also referred to as the ‘lower existence’. Death is a reminder that we will all inevitably return to Him, so our life here should be one of servitude so as to secure the hereafter. God cautions us in Surah Luqman to be mindful of the death, and the day of reckoning, where none will atone for the other, and warns us not to be deceived by this world.

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