[Quick Recipes.] Fudgy Brownie Recipe very simple very easy - English Urdu

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The most intense chocolate treat \"Fudgy Brownie\" Recipe . Save this for Eid and impress the guests. The kids love it, the elders admire it and the guests will always be impressed. Make them in advance and save them in an air right container. Brownie Recipe in English: Ingredients: • Flour 1 & ½ cup • Salt 1 tsp • Coco powder unsweetened 1 cup • Butter melted 1 cup • Castor sugar 3 cups • Vanilla essence 1 tbs • Eggs 4 Direction: In a bowl, keep a sifter add flour and salt and sift it. Now sift coco powder and mix well dry ingredients and set aside. In another bowl, add butter, caster sugar and mix well with whisk. Add vanilla essence and whisk well to combine all ingredients. Add eggs one at a time and mix well. Add dry flour +coco mixture gradually and mix until combined. Grease baking pan with butter and add batter evenly. Pre heat oven at 190 degrees. Add batter to baking pan and bake brownies for 30-35 minutes. Insert a tooth pick in baked brownie if it comes out clean, its ready. If not than bake for another 5 minutes and check again. You can cut brownies in square or any shape and serve. You can serve it with ice-cream scoop or just sift powdered sugar and serve. Recipe in urdu: Ajza: -Maida 1 & ½ cup -Namak 1 tsp -Coco powder unsweetened 1 cup -Makhan melted 1 cup -Bareek cheeni 3 cups -Vanilla essence 1 tbs -Anday 4 Directions: -Bowl mein channi rakh ker maida aur namak chaan lein. -Cocoa powder bhi chaan lein aur tamam ajza ache tarhan mix ker k side per rakh dein. -Alag bowl mein makhan melted aur bareek cheeni dal ker ache tarhan whisk ki madad sa mix ker lein. -Vanilla essence dal ker tamam ajza ko whisk ker lein. -Ab anday ek,ek ker k shamil karein aur mix kertay jayein. -Dry flour +coco mixture thora thora ker k daltay jayein aur mix ker lein. -Baking pan ko makhan sa grease ker lein aur batter dal dein. -190 C per oven ko pre-heat ker lein aur brownies ko 30-35 minutes kliya bake ker lein. -Brownie mein tooth pick insert ker k check ker lein agar tooth pick saf niklay tou brownie tayyar hai,agar saf nahi niklay tou 5 minutes aur bake ker k check karein. -Brownies ko square ya kissi bhi shape mein cut ker k serve karein. -Ice-cream scoop ya powdered sugar chirak ker bhi serve ker saktay han.

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